Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SM Kids Wear

When buying clothes for my kids, i usually shop at  SM Department stores, they have wide variety of kids clothing for both boys and girls.

MATT's- Hat & suspender from kid's accessories, Polo from BoysGotStyle,  Maong shorts from Zap'd, Shoes from Toughies
YAHRE's- Hat &suspender  from kids accessories, Polo from MooseGear, Maong shorts from Zap'd, Shoes from Fisher Price

                                         I bought them all at SM Dept. Store Makati.


  1. ang popormang mga bata! nakupo, wag sana magpasakit ng ulo ng mga girls...I always tell this to el and juan, too.

  2. hehehehe! Wag naman sana.. umpisahan ko na sila doktrinahan, hahahaha! I miss you! lapit na ha..