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FAST TRACK: The Careers @ Ayalagroup Job Fair June 21, 2012

Careers at Ayala

10:00 am – 11:00 am              Venue opening
                                             On loop the whole day:
§  VO spiels
·       welcome applicants
·       invite guests to talks
·       announce activities
·       invite guest to concert
·       promote website and Twitter
·       announce segments + companies
§  Careers @ Ayalagroup AVP presentation

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm                 VO to announce start of Talk 1
                                             Host to welcome guests and intro speaker
                                             Talk 1: The Hunt for the Right Look
                                             Host to extro and invite public to activities

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm                 VO to announce start of Talk 2
                                             Host to welcome guests and intro speaker
                                             Talk 2: The Hunt for The Right Social Network
                                             Host to extro and invite public to activities

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm                 VO to invite public to concert
                                             VO to announce start of concert
                                             VO to intro host
                                             Host to welcome guests (do a recap of the day’s activities)
                                             Host to intro Never the Strangers
                                             Never the Strangers to perform
                                             Host to do announcements (as Rico Blanco sets up)
                                             Host to intro Rico Blanco
                                             Rico Blanco to perform
VO to close

The Careers @ Ayala Group Job Fair

As market forces change and create new avenues for growth, Ayala breaks new ground by entering new markets and industries, while remaining grounded on values of vision, integrity and faith in the Filipino.  This year, we want to highlight how Ayala sets nation-building in motion.  Ayala changes the game by increasing ways to contribute to the development of Filipinos.  What better way to make this happen than to provide not just "jobs" but career opportunities through the 1st Ayala Group Job Fair.

Happening on the 21st of June 2012 at the Glorietta Activity Center  (from 10am to 7pm) within the country's central business district of Makati, we are opening doors for more than 2000+++ career opportunities within the conglomerate.  Career opportunities span from various industries like: Real Estate, Banking, Telecoms, Water and Waste Water Works, Electronics, Automotives, BPOs, Utilities, Investments, Facilities Management, Construction, Hospitality and Non-Profit Foundation.

Incidentally, this Ayala initiative is also consistent with Makati's on-going campaign of "Make It Happen, Make It Makati" which is all about creating opportunities for all to live, shop, be entertained and work.

To know more about upcoming job fair and about the Ayala Group, you may refer to the following links:
  1. Official website: www.careersatayalagroup.com
  2. Facebook Profile Page: http://www.facebook.com/careersatayala
  3. Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/careersatayalagroup
  4. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Careersatayala
  5. JAZA Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/jaimeaugustozobel
  6. FZA Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/fernandozobel
  7. Make It Makati Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/makeitmakati

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bringing natural health to the world—one juicer at a time

The overall idea is to bring health and good life to as many people in the world as possible, and this company is definitely on the right track.

Hurom (“human” and “rom” which means “beneficial” in Korean) L.S. Ltd., which was formed more than a decade ago, commits itself to the research, development and well-being of human life through its “juicers” and “juice extractors.”  And this commitment through its juicer product like the new “Hurom Slow Juicer” that has already reached other parts of the world like Japan, China, the USA and in other countries in Asia and Europe, is finally here in the Philippines.

Introduced today during the Philippine International Food and Beverage Expo (PIFBEX) held at the PICC Forum 1-3 in Pasay City, the “Hurom Slow Juicer,” distributed here in the Philippines by Zinven International Corp., is another of Hurom L.S. Ltd.’s innovative kitchen appliances that employ cutting-edge technology that resulted from the company’s extensive research and development (R&D) efforts.

Part of the “Hurom Slow Juicer’s” unique and distinct characteristics is that it uses its patented “Low Speed Technology System” or LSTS. Compared to other traditional juicers that has high-speed motors and sharp cutting blades, the “Hurom Slow Juicer” and LSTS gently presses (not crushes) the fruit to extract all the fruit’s or vegetable’s natural juices without losing valuable nutritive value like vitamins, minerals, live enzymes and most of all, its taste.

“People are now very much aware of ‘going back to nature’ particularly in terms of food consumption and that the way to preserve health is to consume as much natural food as possible. Our objective is to provide a product that answers the needs of people with regard to ‘natural’ food and we know that the ‘Hurom Slow Juicer’ is that product,” explains Kim Young Gi, Chairman of Hurom L.S. Ltd. and is regarded as the “Father of Juicing” in Korea.

Hurom, according to Chairman Kim, will continue to develop the right kitchen appliance that places high regard on human health, and continuously try to develop more products that effectively connects nature to human life, hence the meaning of Hurom. “We like all our products to be very beneficial to human health and we will not stop in researching and developing more technologies to help make more people live healthier lives.”

Proof of this continuing effort to come up with even better products is Hurom L.S. Ltd.’s pending patent applications and values innovations in more than 40 countries in the US, Japan, China and Europe.

And its innovative products and extensive experience for more than 3 decades in juice extraction and slow juicing in Korea were recognized by international award-giving bodies and in global invention exhibitions like the 2010 Swiss Geneva Salon International Des Invention and the 2010 Pittsburgh International Invention Fair (INPEX) where it won the gold medal. It even got a KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency) Seal of Excellence in Korea, a mark of quality, high technology and trustworthiness.

 “At Hurom,” he said, “we will continue to aspire to become an innovator in espousing a new kitchen culture, a leader in manufacturing technologically-advanced kitchen appliances that are accessible and affordable to more people all over the world, and an effective company where workers perform in a working environment based on teamwork, creativity and total harmony in order to make customers happy.”

The revolutionary Hurom Slow Juicer is available at Rustan’s department stores and is distributed in the Philippines by Zinven International Corp. For more details about the Hurom Slow Juicer, visit www.hurom-slowjuicer.com.

Welcome to the world of Hurom Slow Juicer

 Don’t be misled by its name. Though slow and unhurried as it seems in its actions, the results this revolutionary product delivers are measured, deliberate—and definitely exceptional.

Introducing the “Hurom Slow Juicer” from Hurom L.S. Ltd., the global leader in juicing technology and manufacturer of “juicers” and “juice extractors” that provide for better health of people around the world and is now in the Philippines for health-conscious Filipinos to bring home and enjoy.

The “Hurom Slow Juicer” was introduced today to guests and delegates at the Philippine International Food and Beverage Expo (PIFBEX) at the PICC Forum 1-3 in Pasay City. Many were truly impressed at this wonder product’s simple slow-juicing technology that aims to bring health and wellness to many Filipinos and to encourage them to turn to juicing for better overall physical condition and well-being.

So what makes the “Hurom Slow Juicer” unique and distinct compared to other juicers in the market?

Unlike traditional juicers that boast of high-speed motors and cutting blades that perform lightning-fast cutting motion, the slow juicing action of the “Hurom Slow Juicer” is courtesy of its patented “Low Speed Technology System” or LSTS.

“LSTS” slowly and gently presses—not crushes—the fruit to extract all of its natural juices in order to create juice that is full of vitamins, minerals and important live enzymes and most notably, still bursting with all its natural flavors. And yes, the “Hurom Slow Juicer” can juice vegetables, too.

Fresh fruits are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals like lycopene, antosianin, and beta-carotene that are very much significant in fighting certain forms of cancer and helps prevent aging and has tremendous qualities to help improve our skin. Because of the gentle pressing action of the “Hurom Slow Juicer,” these essential nutrients, including the fruit’s and vegetable’s natural taste and fragrance, are preserved unlike fast-cutting traditional juicers where the juice extracted is “oxidized,” which means most of the important nutrients are already lost because of the high-speed juicing action.

More importantly, the juice extracted from the “Hurom Slow Juicer” is 100% all natural compared to commercially manufactured fruit juices that are full of artificial flavoring, coloring and other harmful chemicals that may damage our bodies.

This slow-juicing technology of the “Hurom Slow Juicer” is already accepted in major countries around the world like in the US, Japan and China, including other parts of Europe and in 40 other countries where Hurom L.S. Ltd. has patent applications.

Various awards were also already given to Hurom L.S. Ltd. by globally recognized award-giving bodies and in global invention exhibitions like the 2010 Swiss Geneva Salon International Des Invention and at the 2010 Pittsburgh International Invention Fair (INPEX) where it won the gold medal because of the juicing technologies the company pioneered. In Korea where Hurom L.S. Ltd. was established, it received the KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency) Seal of Excellence that depicts the mark of quality, high technology and trustworthiness.

Over the years, “Hurom” (which combines the words “human” and “rom” meaning “beneficial” in Korean) L.S. Ltd. will continue to come up with innovative juicing products using cutting-edge technology and provide more people more opportunities to consume as much natural food as possible. This commitment is espoused by none other than the chairman of Hurom L.S. Ltd., Kim Young Gi, regarded as the “Father of Juicing” in Korea.

The pioneering “Hurom Slow Juicer” is now available in the Philippines at Rustan’s department stores and is distributed by Zinven International Corp. For more information about the “Hurom Slow Juicer,” visit www.hurom-slowjuicer.com.

Happy feet, happy body

According to Ancient Chinese medicine, the sensory nerves of internal organs spread throughout the body are mainly gathered around the soles of the feet. One such nerve point is the solar plexus, which is like a little warehouse where all the stress is stored. When this point is pressed on, stress is released and the body is renewed. The saying, “a little bit goes a long way” has never rung truer than for the foot and its functions. Sadly, despite this little tidbit of information, many people still neglect their feet.

Studies have shown that most people do not seek treatment for their feet, because they immediately assume that foot pain is normal. Lack of good foot care, coupled with a strenuous daily load (imagine carrying your weight through an average of 8000-10,000 steps daily), make your foot the body part most vulnerable to injury.

Like any high performance machine, your feet need to be looked after often to function properly. Pay attention to their needs and care for them regularly, otherwise they might rebel and break down on you. Stanhome World Philippines, a trusted Home Care brand in Europe for over 80 years, offers these feet-loving tips to keep you walking healthy and comfy: 

1. Inspect your feet regularly.  Dry and cracked skin on your feet, if ignored and untreated, can become uncomfortable and painful. Use STANHOME FOOT REPAIR, a fast-acting treatment gel that helps repair cracked feet. Working in as fast as 15 minutes, FOOT REPAIR can smoothen even the driest, most cracked heels.

2. Moisturize your feet. Just like skin on any other body part, the skin on your feet deserves to be nourished. Wash your feet every day in warm water mixed with mild soap. This cleans feet gently without drying. For a more thorough moisturizing experience, try STANHOME COOL FEET, a refreshing lotion designed to soothe and nourish your feet.

3. Trim your toenails regularly.  Excessively long toenails can become painful to walk in. Don’t cut them too short, in corners or on the sides. Doing so can lead to an ingrown problem, where a part of the nail gets embedded onto your skin.

4. Wear comfortable, properly-fitted shoes. Ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters, cuts and calluses. Don’t believe what they say about shoes becoming more comfy through time. If it hurts when you’re fitting it, it’s probably not the shoe for you.

5. Exfoliate your feet. Regular exfoliation keeps feet clean, smooth, and can even reduce the possibility of getting calluses. STANHOME DEEP EXFOLIATION is a foot scrub that helps remove rough skin and dead skin cells, making your feet softer and smoother.

6. Make a habit of wearing shoes alternately. Changing footwear every now and then discourages bacteria from living in your shoes, protecting you from itchiness and bad odors. Use STANHOME PEDI-MIST, a foot odor-fighting cream with Grapefruit Seed Extract and Lemongrass Oil. It has antibacterial properties that help kill 99.999% of odor-causing microorganisms, leaving feet smooth and fresh-smelling.

7. Consult a doctor. If there’s anything different on your foot – discolored nails, unnatural hardness or thickness in skin, etc. – or if you feel any sort of pain, it is best to go to a podiatric doctor for a diagnosis.  It is always best to ask an expert to help you out, especially when it comes to your health.

About Stanhome World and Stanhome World Philippines

Stanhome World is an internationally established brand based in Europe. Considered the #1 Direct-Selling Home Care Company in the European Union, Stanhome World is part of the Groupe Yves Rocher group of companies. It carries two (2) successful and fast-growing brands: STANHOME, an extensive line of high-quality and innovative products for home and family strengthened by over 80 years of experience, and KIOTIS, a luxury beauty line boasting of essential oil-based products that serve to boost both beauty and well-being. After years of expanding in other international markets, Stanhome World brings their topnotch work to Asia, with the Philippines as its first home. Stanhome World Philippines boasts of the same quality care brought by its global counterparts, utilizing high European standards to help benefit Filipino families all over the nation.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


The Designer:
Born and raised in the Philippines, Jessica Gallegos, comes from a family of 12. Having started commercial modeling at a young age, performing in theatre, singing and hosting the children’s junior Probe team “5 and up”, she has become exposed to the field of arts. After majoring in Early Childhood Education at University Asia and the Pacific, she migrated to New York and pursued her career as a teacher. With much love for the arts, she studied make up and ventured into styling.
Her love for fashion is an everyday love affair even at a young age. It became apparent that this love translated to another hobby, designing clothes. From there it became a brand that is now called Wear Charlie- a one stop shop where you can pick clothes of your own liking and taste while having the luxury of being styled by the owner herself.
Jessica’s ease in knowing what looks good on a person is her forte. Combined with her eye for understated elegance and her unique sense of what works on your body, she can transform any garment you wear into a stand out outfit. See for yourself the pieces she has created and what else is in store for Wear Charlie.
The Story:

Who’s Charlie?

Wear Charlie is a character I created to represent my personal style.  It features ready-to-wear clothes I designed and a styled collection I hand picked and put together myself. Also, part of the brand’s services is doing custom made designs for its clients.  Some of the clients I have designed for are notable celebrities like Danica Sotto-Pingris and Kristine Hermosa for their special events and TV guestings.
I design clothes for pregnant women, daywear and evening wear, and the whole collection is categorized according to themes.  These themes represent my different style moods. (Read more about my themes in the shop section). This allows Wear Charlie guests to choose what they feel like wearing and shop freely exploring their own sense of style.
 Wear Charlie also does styling for its celebrity and non-celebrity clients for their events, guestings and their special occasions.  (Contact Wear Charlie for more details)

What makes Wear Charlie unique?
ñ It is a personalized shopping experience when you buy in Wear Charlie.  Whether you shop online, at the Wear Charlie Closet (showroom), or at the Wear Charlie bazaar booth, you’d be able to get on hand tips from me on how to wear and mix and match your purchases with your existing wardrobe.  For online shoppers, all you need to do is send me a message and I would gladly share with you ideas on how to style your outfits over the phone, through email, facebook or twitter.
ñ It has featured outfit options I pick out that changes weekly/by weekly giving Wear Charlie guests the leisure of buying an already paired outfit or an idea on how to style their similar clothes from their wardrobe.
ñ The thematic categories makes it easier for Wear Charlie guests to know what they want to buy and how they can match them, and it encourages them to try explore other styles of clothing
ñ It has a blog section where I regularly write about Wear Charlie, my designs, styling and my personal anecdotes on my journey to a fashion-filled happy life.
ñ The website also has a special section that features those who are in Wear Charlie and the messages and feedback its guests sends Wear Charlie and myself.
ñ Wear Charlie has a comfortable and unique showroom called the “Wear Charlie’s Closet” where you can freely try on the clothes and have a private styling session and shopping experience.
ñ Besides making custom made clothes for its clients, Wear Charlie can also alter and adjust your Wear Charlie clothes for you.
ñ Wear Charlie also gives out special promos, discounts and freebies and you may even also give a Wear Charlie gift certificate to a friend or loved one as a gift.
ñ Wear Charlie follows trends but also promotes clothes that are classic, basic and would fit the body well.
ñ More importantly, Wear Charlie always has the customers in mind when it creates and sells its pieces.  What’s more important is to have happy customers stepping out of the showroom or signing out of the website feeling awesome and confident in the clothes they’re wearing.

The Themes:

1. Summer Time Love
ñ  The Summertime Love Collection is characterized by everything spring and summer- bright and fun colors, flowers, happy patterns, beach and vacation wear.

2. Casual Sundays
ñ The Casual Sunday Collection features Wear Charlie’s casual wear- shorts, dresses and comfy tops. Certainly, where else would you wear your comfiest cute clothes but the park? Thus each piece in this collection is named after famous parks around the globe.

3. Nomad
ñ The Nomad Collection features the rough and rugged style and travelers comfort clothing of Wear Charlie. The names of this collection is inspired by Nomadic Tribes.

4. Sail Away
ñ Sail Away features Wear Charlie’s nautical collection focusing mostly on red, blue, yellow and black hues as well as striped patterned and solid colored ensembles. This nautical collection is named after actual coasts around the world.

5. Somewhere in Time
ñ Somewhere in Time features Wear Charlie’s vintage and classic collection focusing on neutral colors, laces, classic cuts and timeless patterns. And what better name to call these pieces but after classic stylish women themselves. The names in this collection are taken after style icons of the 20s-70s.

6. Date Night
ñ The Date Night collection features Wear Charlie’s outfit options for your first date, girls’ night out, anniversary, engagement party, wedding and other dressy events. The names in this collection are taken after the streets New York City.

7. Pea in a Pod
ñ This collection features Wear Charlie’s pregnancy and post pregnancy wear, and styles for full figured women. Most pieces in this collection are empire cut, gartered or loose.