Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ipanema takes Go-Getters to the Urban Jungle

Last May 8, 2012 world-renowned Brazilian flip-flop brand, IPANEMA took style animals to an unforgettable experience out in the wild when it transformed the Bonifacio High Street into a mystical urban jungle where IPANEMA’s sassy new collection was paraded. 

The IPANEMA Urban Jungle Runway Show was a night of fun and true enchantment; a sheer moment to captivate the Metro’s style stars through fresh, animated pieces that capture that jovial spirit unique to the IPANEMA brand. True to the happy and exotic vibe of the beaches of Brazil the brand has been known for since it has established itself back in 1971, the IPANEMA designs featured a refreshingly distinct mix of bright colors adorning striking and bold prints as well as vibrant and unique design patterns.

The runway event witnessed the gathering of fiercest go-getters of the land. Popular celebrities and top models in the name of Enchong Dee, Phoemela Baranda, Ornussa Cadness, Mia Ayesa, Peter Norrdell, among others, graced the occasion and spiced up the night channeling their inner fashion animals. No other moment seemed more apt as the night was dedicated to unraveling the fabulous “fauna” of new IPANEMA flipflop styles through a numinous, story-telling fashion show featuring jungle creatures that embody the diverse tastes and characters of today’s stylistas.

What exactly unfolded during the roaring runway show? A jamboree of mystical animals which included the playful and graceful dolphin; the sleek and agile “Jacob” of the land: the wolf. Also making his regal presence felt was the king of the jungle, lion with its powerful and intimidating stance. Completing the fashion soiree was the vibrant and sophisticated peacock; the soaring eagle with its potent sexual energy; the meek and mild gazelle that represents those with laid back taste; the sexy and imperial snake; the eye-catching ostrich; the zebra which dons its uniqueness in every possible way; and the funny and quirky caterpillar, which transformed into a glamorous butterfly as its fellow animals strutted their way into the urban jungle, a place where there is boundless freedom to express one’s definitive flair and need for comfort. Indeed, it was a runway spectacle like no other.

The Urban Jungle Fashion Show is IPANEMA’s way of celebrating unique individuals who take on everyday determined to conquer the world and stand out. It’s a toast to go-getters who own their unique style and never compromise on getting what they truly desire.

IPANEMA has truly been a bastion for flipflops not only in Brazil, but around the globe as well. Its long history speaks not only of reliability and high quality performance and service, but of innovation, and continuous improvements in styles and designs as well.  These fab sandals pride themselves with the supreme ease and comfort they provide to every foot with soles that are sublimely soft and perfectly padded.

With this exciting event marking a new era in the brand’s history, we are invited to make our fashionable mark at the urban jungle and spoil our sole with IPANEMA.

For more information, visit the IPANEMA Philippines official Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/IpanemaPhilippines).

Monday, May 28, 2012

Para’Kito™ All Natural Mosquito Protection

Natural and man-made calamities and disasters have plagued the world and new health threats are continuously emerging, but one alarming issue that has gained worldwide attention once again is the spread of mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, and West Nile Fever from the traditional zones of the tropics to Europe and North America. Afflicting over 700 million people and resulting in millions of deaths annually all over the world, the danger posed by these diseases is such that they can no longer be ignored. 

Many have resorted to chemical short cuts and quick fixes to address the issue, but it was a group of French men who turned back to nature to find a long-term and ecological solution, and thus Para’Kito was created. 

Para’Kito is an all-natural anti-mosquito protection band and clip that’s easy to wear and stylish, that both adults and kids wear with pleasure. Using technology to understand nature, the Para’Kito solution is a patented device, proven to provide a strong and long-lasting protection against mosquitoes. In January 2012, Para’Kito became the first mosquito protection product to be approved as a medical device in the European Union and Australia.    

What makes it effective?
Tests conducted in a French national laboratory, which works closely with the World Health Organization, concluded that Para’Kito is a technological breakthrough in the domain of personal protection against mosquitoes. Testing done in other laboratories in Europe, Australia, and the USA further proved that Para’Kito is effective against Aedes, Anopheles, and Culex the three main species of disease carrying mosquitoes.

Unlike other mosquito repellants, Para’Kito uses a proprietary combination of seven natural essential oils - Lavendula, Geranium, Citronella, Maritime Pine, Patchouli, Clove, and Peppermint. These oils are sourced from around the world, blended in France, and impregnated into the replaceable pellets using a patented technology that assures long-lasting effectivity despite the natural volatility of these oils. The combination of the seven essential oils creates a complex veil of molecules that mosquitoes are unable to see through or adapt to. In the case of chemical-based alternatives, mosquitoes eventually adapt to the solution and evolve into a stronger breed. A vicious cycle is created, each time requiring a stronger, and most likely a more hazardous formula to combat a new strain.

While other repellants and devices count their effectivity in hours, each Para’Kito pellet is 100% efficient for 24 hours a day for 15 straight days.

How Safe is Para’Kito?
With all the talk about DEET over the past few years, more and more people are becoming aware of the serious danger this hazardous chemical poses.

Using all-natural ingredients, Para’Kito is safe for all ages. Para’Kito is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, being DEET and chemical-free. It is recommended for individuals susceptible to skin allergies and irritations, as the pellet does not come into contact with the skin.

It’s effective. It’s Safe. What Else?
Para’Kito is an anti-mosquito protection device not a mosquito killer. What most people don’t realize is that mosquitoes play an important part in the ecosystem, plant pollination being one of their least understood activities. Para’Kito is a symbol of commitment to providing a sustainable solution to the alarming situation by working with the environment, while nurturing and protecting it at the same time.

You can trust Para’Kito to work every time and all the time no matter what. It’s sweat- and water-proof, and effective in all climates, giving you no reason to be without it.

Gone are the days of sticky lotions, unsightly sticker patches, smoky chemical mosquito coils, and bug sprays. Para’Kito is not only the most long-lasting and safe anti-mosquito protection device available, but also the most stylish and easy to wear in the market. Choose from Para’Kito’s wide range of color and graphic bands and clips that you can mix and match for any occasion.

So go ahead and live a life without fear or worry of mosquitoes. Soak up the sun, go on an adventure, and be spontaneous! It all begins with Para’Kito.


Para’Kito is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Red Herring Distribution Company, Inc.:
JADC Compound, #7 E. Rodriguez Ave Jr. Bagong Ilog, Pasig | (+632) 477.9633.

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Make sure to get your genuine Para’Kito color bands, clips, and refill pellets at our over 130 retail partners nationwide.

Silk Thai Cuisine

Located at the Serendra lifestyle mall in Fort Bonifacio, Silk is a restaurant with cozy and chic interiors. Whether you’re having a date, a family meal or just having lunch with your friends, it is the perfect place to leisurely enjoy delicious and mouthwatering Thai food.

The Silk menu is made up of traditional Thai cuisine, in which a full meal not only acquaints you with the various spices and flavors of Asia, it also allows you to enjoy a balance of the four fundamental taste flavors of Thai cuisine – sweet, spicy, salty and sour.

Thai Spring Roll
Start off with the traditional Thai soup of Tom Yum Talay, which is a sour-spicy seafood soup with hints of galangal, lemon grass and coriander. Try the Silk Appetizer Selection that is a mélange of the restaurant’s different appetizers – the bestselling Thai Spring Rolls, Tung Tong or Crispy Shrimp and Coriander Pastry, Grilled Pork wrapped in Betel Leaf, and the delectable Chicken Satay served with Thai Curry Sauce.

Seafood Satay
For seafood enthusiasts, try our new Seafood Satay which are marinated skewers of Prawn, Squid and Snapper fillets that come with a delightful dipping sauce of palm vinegar and various condiments, and the famous Pomelo and Shrimp Salad, which will surely transport you to the streets and markets of Thailand.

Of course, having a Thai meal will not be complete without a taste of curry. For those who do not like spicy food, the Green Chicken Curry is perfect for you, although all dishes may be adjusted to your personal spice level preference. Try the Roast Duck in Red Curry and the tender, stewed-for-hours Beef Shank in Mussaman Curry.

Soft Shell Crab with Black Pepper Sauce
For the main course, Silk has an extensive set of dishes that offer lots of chicken, beef, seafood and vegetables. For crab lovers, the Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Black Pepper Sauce is a must and feast on the new Crab dish as well (cooked in 3 ways – Crab with Egg Curry, Crab with Black Pepper Sauce and Garlic Crab).  For sweet and sour flavor enthusiasts we have also added a new dish to the menu - Thai Style Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu.

No need to wonder about Thailand’s most popular of noodles and rice dishes - Silk’s Phad Thai and Bagoong Rice are one of the best in the metro.

For those who love sweet endings – cap off your meal with the Mango Sticky Rice or the house-made ice creams of Durian, Coconut and Mango.

Last but not least, to fully enjoy your lunch or dinner out, Silk has a pleasant wine selection that pairs well with the flavors of Thai Food, a full bar service and an extensive list of cocktails which include Pandan Martinis, Lemongrass Martinis, and Silk’s own Ginger Zinger. Enjoy Happy Hour from 6pm-8pm everyday.

Today’s Special Menu

Fresh Thai Sping Rolls with Sweet Cucumber and Vinegar Dipping Sauce and Peanut Sauce
A take from Vietnamese Cuisine; Rolls of Fresh Shrimp, Pork, Bean Sprouts, Chinese Vermicelli, Cucumber, Carrots, Spring Onion and Basil served with Thai Peanut Sauce and Our Sweet Vinegar and Cucumber Dipping Sauce

Vegetable Filled Roti
Crisp unleavened flat bread filled with a mélange of vegetables which comes with a Thai curry dipping sauce.

Thai Style Apple and Mango Salad
Som Tam Style salad composed of grated apple and green mango dressed in a sour vinaigrette.
Seafood Satay
Marinated Squid, Shrimp and Snapper Fillets on Skewers with Vinegar and Chilli Sauce and Peanut Sauce

Tung Tong or Crispy Shrimp and Coriander-Filled Pastry
Crisp pastry filled with chopped prawns and coriander paste. 

Chicken Khao Soi or Chiang Mai Curry Noodles
A popular street dish in Thailand. It is comprised of noodles in a freshly made curry soup then topped with tender pieces of chicken, crispy fried egg noodles, coriander, onions, pickled cabbage, shallots and lime.

Crispy Salt and Pepper Fried Squid with Coriander Root
Crispy pieces of Fried Squid stir fried with salt and pepper, coriander, onions, and peppers.

Thai Style Beef with Oyster Sauce, Black Fungus and Bamboo Shoot
Our take on the popular Chinese Beef with Oyster Sauce; Stir fried tender pieces of beef served with black fungus and bamboo shoots with a sprinkling of Thai kaffir lime leaves.

Thai Style Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu
Deep fried whole Grouper served with our freshly made sweet and sour sauce with fresh vegetables and kaffir lime leaves.

Crab with Black Pepper Sauce
Stir Fried whole crab with Silkʼs own black pepper sauce.

Silk is located at Unit 1C12 G/F Serendra Piazza, Fort Bonifacio Global City and is open daily from 11am-3pm and 6pm-11pm.
Call (632) 856.0386 or SMS 0917.8829818 for reservations. Email thai.silkresto@yahoo.com for inquiries on catering and functions.
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bambu Highstreet Branch Blessing

Last May 8, 2012, spearheaded by Mr. Patxi Elizalde, owner and president of BAMBU Ventures, Inc., BAMBU Store at B-3 Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City officially opened. 

Gracing its first day of operation are:

 Phoemela Baranda 

Kapamilya hunk Enchong Dee

Model Ornussa Cadness

Prominent businessmen and their families were also spotted shopping later that day.

Visit BAMBU's new branch @ Bonifacio High Street, B3 from May 8 - June 9, 2012 and buy a pair of Ipanema flip Flops to avail of their Spoil You, Spoil You Some More promo.

Other BAMBU stores are located at Glorietta, TriNoma, Marquee Mall, Abreeza and Harbor Point.

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