Friday, June 14, 2013

CITY DELIVERY--I hate late!

It was my first time to order through CITY DELIVERY, and I was so disappointed! I placed my order at exactly 6:20pm and ask for a change for 1k. I was assured by their agent that the delivery will arrive 45 to 1 hour. But to my dismay , the delivery arrived exactly 8pm... Nakakainis! Gutom na kami! I was about to prepare a quick meal nalang sana at wag ng tanggapin ang delivery. Mabuti nalang at mabait yung delivery boy, very apologetic. Nakakawala ng konting inis.. 


  1. Relax sis! Hehe. Sana tinawagan mo sila para makausap yung manager or someone in charge. Hindi maganda sa delivery service ang super late. No!!!

  2. Yep, already emiled them, auto reply nareceive ko, tatawagan daw nila ako.