Monday, August 27, 2012

Dove made waves with its Real Beauty campaign

Dove continues to pave the way for Filipinas to reveal their real beauty to the world with its latest campaign that urges every Filipina to Reveal her Glowing Skin.

 Dove calls on women who possess beautiful glowing skin and confidence and can be sources of inspiration to others through their own unique life stories. Ten women who best represent and epitomize the ideals of the beauty brand will be the faces of Dove’s new campaign, starring in their very own billboard on Edsa and as well as a  grand photo exhibit at the end of the year. 
 “For over a decade, Dove has given women across the world a platform to showcase their real beauty,” shares Dove Brand Manager Jules Gollayan.  Here in the Philippines, the Reveal your Glowing Skin campaign is aimed at magnifying the importance of bringing back confidence to women by making their glowing skin and inner beauty shine through.”

Dove’s latest campaign is definitely more than skin deep. Beyond the search for women with exceptionally beautiful and glowing skin is a celebration of a woman’s new-found confidence that stems from taking good care of one’s self. Through the Reveal your Glowing Skin campaign, the world’s trusted beauty bar hopes to encourage more Filipinas to let themselves be seen and heard, and serve as role models to their peers.

Being part of the Dove movement takes only a few simple steps. To get that billboard-worthy beautiful glowing skin, aspiring Dove women should use Dove Beauty Bar for seven days. More than just a cleansing bar Dove contains ¼ moisturizing cream that makes skin smoother and softer. It gently yet effectively works from within resulting to beautiful glowing skin. 
After taking Dove’s 7-day challenge, users should take a close-up picture of themselves and upload it on Dove’s official Facebook page ( Uploading of entries will be until October 31.2012 10 women will be featured from among the entries who will be given the privilege to represent the essence of real beauty as envisioned by Dove.

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