Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another reason to love GARDENIA

Do you believe that human being are creatures of routine? We all follow a set of steps that takes us from one day to the next: wake up, get ready for the day, do your thing at school or in the office, take some time for your hobby, socialize, go to bed. Somewhere in between all that, we eat.

While there is nothing wrong with having a routine, if you’re not careful, routines can oh-so-quickly become boring. The concern is how to inject a little more excitement and joy in our all-too familiar routines, and the contempt that is inevitably bred from it.

How about a change in pace on your daily snack? Forget the usual sodium-laden, preservatives-saturated foodstuff you would normally reach for when you have the munchies. Try something different that will actually fill you, is convenient, but also fun and actually tastes good!

Give Gardenia’s new Muffins and Cream Rolls a try! The same brand that bakes the finest loaves on the shelves went the extra mile with their new assortment of freshly baked treats to make sure that each bite is tasty and satisfying.

Introducing Gardenia Muffin’s new flavors… The Mango and Banana-Choco Muffins. Gardenia made sure that their new muffins are what muffins should be in a perfect world, dense enough to make you feel each bite, yet soft and mouthwatering that even just chewing it is a treat on its own. The Mango Muffins are packed with flavor from real mango bits, just as the Banana-Choco Muffin has honest-to-goodness chocolate chips and banana bits. The clincher? They actually smell like they were freshly baked! As a light snack, each muffin is filling by itself, but since Gardenia Muffins come in packs of two, they are the perfect treat for sharing

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