Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stanhome World Philippines launches KIOTIS Paris

After introducing Europe’s best-selling home and family care brands and products to the Philippines last March, Stanhome World, Europe’s No. 1 direct selling home care company welcomes a new addition to its diverse product line: KIOTIS Paris.

KIOTIS Paris was created by Jacques Rocher, One of the top luxury beauty brands in France, son of French cosmetic mogul Yves Rocher. In line with Stanhome World Philippines’ celebration of beauty this September, KIOTIS was launched this month in all Service Centers nationwide.

Why will Filipinas love KIOTIS? The answer lies in the brand’s special ingredients – Essential Oils. Thanks to these concentrated drops of natural essence, KIOTIS products easily penetrate the skin and revitalize the senses. “Essential oils are unique because each drop contains multiple molecules that act together to soothe, soften or even repair the skin,” explains Stanhome World Philippines President Ina Quiogue. “They work faster than most active ingredients and target areas where the body needs help. Products with essential oils last all day and appeal to all the senses, making you feel good all over.”

KIOTIS Energizing

Iris in Love Eau de Parfum

La Créme Essentielle Face cream

KIOTIS Vitality

The KIOTIS products launched in September are Iris in Love Eau de Parfum, KIOTIS Energizing and KIOTIS Vitality aromatic rituals, and La Crème Essentielle face cream. Iris in Love is a rich, delicately elegant scent that gets its fragrance from the lovely Iris pallida, a special flower found in Italy’s Tuscan valley. KIOTIS Energizing and KIOTIS Vitality are two rich product lines composed of rejuvenating body lotions, revitalizing body sprays, and luxurious bath gels. KIOTIS Energizing awakens the well-being with the essences of mandarin, carrot and ginger, while KIOTIS Vitality boosts the senses with mint and lemon. Lastly, La Crème Essentielle is a refined face cream that stimulates and energizes the skin’s vital functions through the essences of rose and myrrh.

KIOTIS offers the best in aromatology and has three commitments: it uses 100% essential oils, its products contain no genetically modified plants or organisms, and all raw materials undergo strict efficacy and safety tests.

The launch of KIOTIS coincides with Stanhome’s celebration of 80 years of excellence worldwide. The company is part of Groupe Yves Rocher, a reputable group of brands supported by strong and authentic values, making it one of the biggest names in the European world of beauty.

For more information about KIOTIS and Stanhome World Philippines, visit the Stanhome World Philippines Facebook Fan Page, email or contact 091-STANHOME (0917-8264663). Products are now available through the Stanhome World Independent Supervisors (SIS).

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